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Sales territory mapping software

Employing TerrAlign's most advanced sales territory design and mapping technology, TerrAlign 4 has the power, speed, and flexibility for even the largest, most sophisticated field forces.

TerrAlign 4 combines ease-of-use with enterprise-level power. Automatically design hundreds of optimal sales territories in minutes with superior results. Use the built-in digital road network for realistic drive time calculations during territory optimizations. Override geographic mapping assignments on an account by account basis.

TerrAlign's sales territory mapping software has been created to evolve with the rapidly changing deployment needs of today's field forces. Employ TerrAlign 4's unique BestZip feature to reconcile business data with quarterly ZIP Code updates. Use industry standard map files for customized territory mapping. Create reports to distribute out to the field. Provide territory definitions for assigning opportunities in your CRM or for calculating commissions accurately. And, with eMap®, securely share and change territory mapping alignments with sales representatives and managers.

Key benefits

  • Produce optimal alignments that will increase revenue and reduce costs
  • Reduce time to enact new alignments
  • Analyze critical data to improve decision-making
  • Communicate territory and account information

Select features

  • Territory optimizer - advanced mathematical optimization to automatically map new or reconfigure existing field territories that are balanced according to a user-defined quantitative business measure(s) while minimizing overall drive time and ensuring that sales territories are contiguous.
  • Territory alignments by account, geography, or both - TerrAlign 4 allows you to manage and manipulate data by account or geographic units, simultaneously and independently. Territories are defined as a collection of accounts, geographic building blocks or both.
  • ZIP code management - For territory alignment situations in the USA, TerrAlign 4 includes several functions that enable users to regularly update ZIP code boundaries, adjust alignments to new sets of ZIP codes and automatically match business records to correct and updated geographic ZIP codes
  • Travel time and mileage Estimator - A noteworthy feature of TerrAlign 4, designed to estimate travel time and distance by account as a function of geographic and business parameters. Estimates can be incorporated into workload measures or used to identify accounts with a substantial time or distance penalty.
  • CallMax - optimizes call or campaign plans within territories as a function of call frequencies and geography. It can be used to generate optimal territory call schedules or activity zones within territories.

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