Products : TerrAlign for Salesforce

An integrated sales territory management solution

TerrAlign for Salesforce is the first and only sales territory management software solution for Salesforce users. Companies can employ TerrAlign's Sales Resource Optimization (SRO) technology to create efficient sales territory alignments and maximize their representatives' effectiveness.

TerrAlign for Salesforce includes all the sales territory design functionality and capabilities from TerrAlign's suite of sales territory management software solutions. With TerrAlign for Salesforce, organizations can view their account data geographically, balance sales territories by opportunity or workload, and automatically update new assignments in Salesforce.

Key benefits

  • Increase revenue and market share by maximizing your sales resources
  • Improve morale and motivation and reduce turnover by designing sales territories with equivalent opportunities
  • Communicate territory configurations to the field and modify alignments with maps and reports within Salesforce
  • Leverage existing Salesforce investment

Select features

  • Sales territory optimization
  • Single sign-on from Salesforce
  • Out-of-the-box integration with Salesforce
  • View and modify account assignments

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