Industrial Manufacturing Companies Sales Territory Management - Improve Sales Force Efficiency with TerrAlign

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Case Study: LION - Medium Enterprise Industrial Manufacturing Company

For many industrial manufacturing companies, the decision to invest in technology can be difficult. Budgets are tight and calls to modernize are often met with resistance.

At LION, when it became clear that gaps in workload and sales potential were preventing the sales team from reaching their goals and increasing market share, the company realized that it was time to move from inefficient, time-consuming manual sales territory alignment processes to a data-driven system that would enable them to strategically make plans for using sales resources to their fullest.

After reviewing available options, LION chose TerrAlign's Sales Territory Management system which offers multiple input portals so field managers and representatives can view and modify sales territory alignments based on local knowledge. With the deployment of the TerrAlign system, LION is now able to use real-time data from distributors to inform changes to sales territories and resource allocation which has resulted in significant improvements in sales force efficiency as well as an increased ability to compete in desired markets by having sufficient resources in the right places.


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