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Sales Territory Design

Sales Territory Design

Experience shows that many companies do not have balanced sales territories - some territories have too much work or opportunity and others have too little work or opportunity. Representatives in the first case need only to focus on the best accounts to easily make quota, while representatives in the second case are underutilized, may struggle to make quota, and often feel under-appreciated. For these companies, this imbalance results in lower market share, slower growth, and higher costs due to employee turnover.

The TerrAlign Group, through its sales territory design software and consulting services, transforms sales forces by balancing sales, potential, or work among every territory. This territory optimization technology delivers a balanced sales force with more manageable territories, more motivated representatives, and higher sales performance. And because TerrAlign incorporates a digital road network in its territory analysis, it also improves sales territory location and limits overall driving time.

Better customer coverage through balanced sales territories.

When your salespeople have manageable territories, they do a better job of calling on customers regularly, which improves account revenues and customer retention. The key to creating manageable territories is designing balanced territories.

Balanced sales territories contain roughly equal amounts of work or opportunity.

TerrAlign helps you represent work through call planning, actual sales, market potential, or anything else you can measure. TerrAlign can work with you to develop appropriate measures for your company.

TerrAlign takes the guess work out of designing balanced territories by automatically recommending balanced territories in minutes instead of the weeks or months it would take you to balance your territories using other methods.

More selling time through reduced travel time.

Your salespeople work hard calling on customers, traveling from one site to another. When your salespeople can spend less time traveling between customers, they can spend more time with each customer, resulting in more sales calls and more sales.

TerrAlign will help you design territories with maximum selling time by using proven optimization models. Mathematical techniques, developed and enhanced over the past two decades, provide quantifiable results.

TerrAlign combines geographic information with data about the locations of your customers. It measures the ease with which salespeople can travel within their territory and automatically recommends territory changes that increase selling time.

Traditional sales territory design methods often leave you guessing about a salesperson's ability to cover his or her territory. TerrAlign gives you the ability to make better decisions by knowing instead of guessing.

Lower sales force turnover through better morale.

Balanced territories with maximum selling time not only increase sales and productivity, they allow you to evaluate the efforts of your salespeople more easily. TerrAlign-based territories improve morale and decrease turnover by providing a fair and objective means of setting performance measures, quotas, and compensation. Balanced territories, objectively measured, provide a level playing field for evaluation and reward.

When you design territories based on available sales and market potential data, your salespeople more easily accept changes. Since TerrAlign increases acceptance of change, realignments take less time and you can encourage more involvement from sales managers and salespeople.

Market responsiveness through strategic realignments.

The challenge of maintaining the best territories does not end with a single realignment. Markets change daily, and your competitors are not standing still. Changes in market focus and sales force size, shifting demographics, new product offerings and repositioning, increased competition, and the relocation of offices and personnel all demand periodic changes to your sales territories. TerrAlign allows you to realign territories painlessly in a matter of days rather than weeks or months. TerrAlign's proprietary optimization technology removes the tedium of assigning all ZIP Codes and accounts by hand. The territory optimizer makes a first-cut proposal on the assignment of geography and accounts automatically: typically within minutes. Using TerrAlign lets your valuable sales managers concentrate on fine-tuning alignments rather than creating them.

With TerrAlign, realignments take less time, so you can focus on staying abreast of the market and ahead of your competitors by performing periodic realignments that keep your sales force focused on today's market instead of yesterday's. TerrAlign transforms realignments from a chore into a strategic weapon.

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