Sales Resource Optimization

TerrAlign is a leading provider of solutions geared towards Sales Resource Optimization (SRO). Simply stated, this is getting the most out of the sales force you have. Successful companies often are particularly proficient at achieving more with less.

TerrAlign provides solutions for the Sales Analytics, Sales Operations, and Field Management teams that will maximize the utilization and performance of the entire sales force. This includes matching the number of sales resources to strategic objectives and designing quantifiably fair and geographically optimal territories. TerrAlign recognizes the enterprise's needs and provides answers with its own solutions and through focused partnerships to deliver more value to the market.

TerrAlign's territory design and optimization solutions offer tremendous value to companies, but that value can increase substantially through integration with other sales automation systems such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Sales Performance Management (SPM) solutions. Integration and interaction between the different components raises sales force effectiveness to a higher level by reducing or eliminating discrepancies and refocusing sales representatives on their primary task: growing sales.

With TerrAlign solutions, your field force will be able to service accounts and work opportunities without leaving deals on the table for competitors to grab or wasting valuable resources simply because there isn't enough work in its patch. With TerrAlign solutions, sales forces can achieve more.

Learn how TerrAlign can help you optimize resources to improve sales productivity and reduce travel costs.
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