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TerrAlign Now Available on Salesforce.com’s AppExchange


Salesforce.com customers can use TerrAlign to optimize their sales resource planning process through territory alignment within Salesforce


[Ashburn, VA] – January 30, 2007 – The TerrAlign Group, Inc. today announced the availability of TerrAlign for salesforce.com's AppExchange. With this integrated solution, companies can optimize the geographic deployment of their sales resources, thus simultaneously maximizing their representatives’ effectiveness and increasing overall sales performance. Built using the Apex on-demand platform, TerrAlign is immediately available to demo on the AppExchange directory at https://www.salesforce.com/appexchange, and for customer deployment.


TerrAlign enables companies to automate and optimize their sales territory planning process as it pertains to territory alignment and management.  Sales operations users can balance territories on user-defined business metrics such as workload or revenue potential, while minimizing drive time and considering geography; they may also automatically limit account disruption. Sales operations users can optimize hundreds of territories in minutes with real-world results. With TerrAlign, companies can model various alignments, while considering tradeoffs in balance, disruption and compactness of territory when selecting the optimal outcome for their situation.  Field managers can review and modify territories, and automatically update Salesforce account and territory information for the sales representatives in their region or district.  Key functionality and benefits include the ability to:

  • Automatically optimize assignments of accounts or geography to meet business needs and maximize sales resources
  • Empower users to manually adjust alignments based on local knowledge
  • Increase selling time while decreasing travel costs by reducing overall driving requirements
  • Improve morale and reduce turnover by designing territories with equivalent opportunities
  • View and modify alignments, and update territory and account fields within Salesforce
  • Communicate territory configurations to the field with maps and reports within Salesforce

“Users of TerrAlign benefit from increased sales revenues and market share, decreased travel costs, and reduced turnover among field personnel because they are given fair and equitable territories with challenging yet achievable expectations,” said Jean-Yves Kainic, vice president, client solutions, TerrAlign.  “Furthermore, equitable territories help set reasonable quotas; together with strategic compensation plans and effective CRM systems, they drive optimal sales outcomes.”  


"Over the past year, more than 7,500 customers have deployed on-demand applications via the AppExchange, demonstrating its rapid adoption and growth,” said Matt Holleran, vice president, AppExchange partners, salesforce.com. “Customers are using the AppExchange to quickly and easily integrate all kinds of business applications throughout their enterprises. Sales teams can extend their Salesforce implementations by using TerrAlign to optimize the design of field territories and maximize sales resources.”



Apex and the AppExchange

Apex is the on-demand platform for the next generation of business applications. Apex reinvents traditional customization and integration and enables a whole new generation of on-demand applications that go beyond CRM.  All Apex components and applications can be easily shared, exchanged and installed with a few simple clicks via salesforce.com's AppExchange directory, enabling all the innovation that Apex unleashes to benefit the entire on-demand community.


TerrAlign for AppExchange is one of more than 500 applications that are now available on salesforce.com’s AppExchange, the world’s first on-demand application directory, found at https://www.salesforce.com/appexchange.


The Apex on-demand platform is generally available today.  The Apex programming language is available today for developer preview, and is currently scheduled to be available in beta to salesforce.com customers later in 2007.


 About TerrAlign

The TerrAlign Group, founded in 1987, provides Sales Resource Optimization software and services to a wide variety of Global 2000 companies. The TerrAlign Group, developed the world's first desktop-based territory optimization and realignment system almost two decades ago for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, and is now the first and only software vendor to deliver a Territory Alignment & Optimization solution on the Apex platform. TerrAlign also provides strategic services that include promotional response modeling, field force sizing, account profiling, call planning, territory optimization, and territory realignments.  TerrAlign customers benefit from increased sales revenues and market share, decreased travel costs, and reduced turnover. 


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