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Selling Power, "MOBILITY SPOTLIGHT: TerrAlign Helps You Better Manage Your Sales Territories"

Salesforce.com, "Year-Over-Year Commitment Keeps Company on Customer's 'Top of Mind': TerrAlign Success Story"

InsightSquared.com, "Ken Kramer — How to Optimize Sales Resources"

SmartSellingTools.com via Twitter, "don't use map point to define territories! Optimize territories & sales head-count with @terralign"

SalesCompInsights "Territory Impact on Sales Productivity: An Interview with Ken Kramer"

Selling Power "Back in the Saddle - How to grow sales revenues through more effective territory alignment"

Selling Power TV interview "Sales Success through Territory Alignment"

Selling Power names TerrAlign one of the Top 30 Sales 2.0 Solutions

CRM Magazine Best Practices Whitepaper Series: "Territory Optimization – Where Sales Automation Meets Incentive Compensation, and Sales Forces Achieve More"

Design the Perfect Territory; Optimizing Sales Resources through Effective Use of Territory Alignment - Published on Destination CRM.com in their Viewpoints section

Happy WizKids Day - "The WizKids program has identified some pretty cool solutions, but even more interesting to me is the high degree of innovation that the SaaS model continues to inspire."


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